Nursing vs Healthcare Admin

I’m looking at going to medical school and need to get my bachelors. The two options I was considering were Nursing & Healthcare Administration. However after looking at the prereqs for medical school I don’t think Health Care Administation will meet them.

Here’s my issue.

The nursing schools I’d attend, I would have to quit my job for. I’m a mom and i can’t really afford to work part time.

The bachelors in healthcare admin I can do both go to school and work full time and get my degree in 3 years.

So now I’m weighing my options to do the bachelors in Healthcare Admin to fulfill my bachelors degree and then take some courses to get the prereqs out of the way or to quit my job and do nursing.


Do you have any college credits that can transfer to a bachelor’s, or are you starting from scratch? Also, would the health admin job cover any prereqs? I can’t tell from your attachments whether the courses listed are for nursing or health admin.