NY/NJ Old PreMeds

Who wants to get together?

I’m IN!

I’m in also!

If it’s this coming weekend I might be able to swing by - I’ll be back in NJ Fri-Mon


Since the next 3 weekends are Jewish holidays, we can do it in the 3rd weekend of October, the 15th?

Where is everyone so we can co-ordinate a meeting place. This can be a social get together or if you want to talk about where you are in the process, whatever.

10/15 is good for me - I’m in Jersey City, NJ

10/15 is good for me as well. I’m in Westchester, but can easily get to anywhere in the city/ Hoboken/ JC areas.

Interested from PA - where are you planning to meet? NJ or NY?

Once we have a date, we can then see where it would be convenient for everyone. Where in PA are you?

Hi Gabe:

I’m in central PA - between Harrisburg and Lancaster. Thanks! I’ll wait for the date!

Hey! Just wondering if you guys got together. I’m moving back to NY from MD and would love to meet some people in similar situations!

Not yet. The jewish holidays just finished.

I am good anytime Sunday after Nov. 5th.