O.C. III final tomorrow.

I feel like it is all greek to me still, even though I’ve done well on assignments in class. Wish me luck. I am so ready to be done with Organic Chemistry!

Good luck teveret!!


Good Luck

Good luck! Show organic chem who’s boss!!

I wouldn’t say I showed anyone who is boss. I thought the exam was harder than the MCAT (which could be good or bad, depending).

BUT, provided I didn’t totally fail, I am done with it!


Amazingly by the grace of God and a forgiving professor, I got an A in organic chemistry.

And, this completes my series of organic chemistry classes. Yay. Now, on to other fun stuff like math and physics.



Great job!! :slight_smile:

Way to go!

I was very happy to be finished with O-Chem!


and no one can take it away,…ever.