Odd volunteering choices?

Hi all,
I’m looking into volunteer opportunities for myself, and I’m wondering what everyone thinks. The one I’m most excited about and interested in is as an advocate for seniors who have been, or are being, abused. I’ve always enjoyed working with seniors. In any case, it is not typical health-care volunteering, but I have been a nurse (RN) for many years, and I’d really like to do something different. However, I don’t know if med schools prefer people to do their volunteering only in the healthcare arena. Any thoughts on this?

No, medical schools do not usually care what kind of volunteering you do. A lot of pre-meds choose to volunteer in a health care setting in order to gain clinical experience in addition to volunteering experience at the same time. Since you already have extensive clinical experience as a nurse, I would say to volunteer in whatever you enjoy
PS - Ohio State is really into geriatrics as part of its curriculum. Keep that in mind when you start applying to schools.