Of course I'd get stuck with the bio prof from...there

Who does this? Who says “Hey you have a quiz on Friday on gas exchange” when we aren’t due to even have lecture on gas exchange until Friday?

Oye and she’s soooooooo detailed. So now I feel like I’m studying for an exam that’s never been taught on. (Well, most of it has been lectured on already just not the gas exchange chapter)

The horrid part is, we have a lab practical the same exact day. So that’s big huge freaking scarey crazy test that everyone freaks out over. I spent 3 hours in the lab today studying slides and example dissections and I didn’t get through half of the material.

I may just drive the hour to campus tomorrow after work in spite of not having class just to look at the slides again. I gotta say, crayfish appendages ALL LOOK THE SAME. Really, after hours of looking at them, they all do run together.

I’m trying not to complain. I’m telling myself med school will be like this and worse, so just get used to it now and figure out how to effectively study. Too bad that figuring out part is the hard part.