OH MY GOD!!! WHY!?!?

I found out on Friday that my credit based TERI loan application for medical school has been denied!! GOD!!! I have spoken with all my friends and family trying to find if someone can lend me the $6500 to start school this term (May 4th with a ticket to fly out April 26th1!) I cannot believe it! Talk about testing how badly you want something! I won’t fly out if I don’t get the tuition paid, as the school has no “payment plan”. This would just not make me a happy camper.


That is so awful for you. Can you appeal the decision?
I will show my ignorance but what is a TERI loan?

a TERI loan is a low interest (but not federal guaranteed) student loan available for offshore medical students. It typically offers a good interest rate (5% now, vs the federal loans of around 3%) I spoke with a rep this morning as soon as the office opened. She said “Oh, i don’t see why this wasn’t approved” and will send it back for an “internal reconsideration”. My dad co-signed on this, and he owns a paid off home, has long term good credit and NO BILLS, so I was floored. I’m supposed to call back tomorrow afternoon. Talk about wanting to stroke out this weekend.

Oh no!!!
I’m so sorry that happened. Can you charge that money or perhaps get a check from your credit card? I know that’s not optimal - but it might do in a pinch…
Good luck…

The other popular loan program for Caribbean/Offshore medical schools is MedAchiever through Key Bank. There is an online application and you can get instant results. I use this loan program for St. James School of Medicine.

Thanks, but I am not eligible for MedAchiever due to a 6 1/2 year old bankruptcy! They said I could apply after October though.

I am so glad they are going to send it back through. I hope they are smart this time and give it to you. My fingers are crossed for you!!!

Dear Kathy,
I’m so sorry this happened. I hope the loan comes through for you so you can make your dream of medical school happen. Good luck; I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

My appeal for the TERI loan did not go through. I spoke with everyone I knew to see about coming up with loans from family and friends. What an eye-opener THAT was! My dad refused outright, though he could write a check for the whole amount easily. My long term “friends” from high school times blew me off. My long term friend from college grilled me about re-payment schedule, etc…only one family, a Muslim family we know, sent out emails to everyone they know, which is alot of people, and I started hearing from people in Arlington, TX, California, and New Jersey, sending $20s through the mail. One girl drove from Arlington with an envelope filled with $20s she had collected from all her Muslim co-workers. It is not nearly enough to cover the tuition, but I have tucked it back for January, and these people gave it out of the goodness of their hearts, as a GIFT! Situations like this really make you think. Anyway, the school will defer my admission until January, giving me time to get my finances in order. They will also apply the considerable sum I had already mailed them to that term. I will continue to work, save money, clean up my credit more, and this way, my family will travel with me instead of a 4 month separation. I will just focus on the positive points.

Hi Kathy,
Many times things happen for a reason that is totally beyond your control. This may all work out for the better since you will have your family with you. You found friends and support that you didn’t know that you had. You also have written about the experience which may help someone coming behind you. You never know what will be around the next turn but you have kept your eye on your goal. Good luck!, we are all pulling for you!

Nat took the words out of my mouth - things frequently happen for a reason. As had been discussed on here & you & I have talked about in person - what’s one more year? Or, in your case 10 or so months? You will still have the opportunity you have dreamed of for a lifetime AND, from your own description, it seems as though your whole familie’s circumstances will be better. You know that having a solid & loving support network can make ir break a nontrad in med school. You will be better off w/o the gap in coverage by Mo & your kids.
So…CONGRATULATIONS young grasshopper - you will start med school January!!!

Thanks guys, you are all great.

Kathy, I know it’ll work out I’ll keep looking and praying there’s a way to get you to England! I’m swetting the problems
Too. Well nothing worth while is a piece of cake we both know that. Keep up the faith. Bill.

Anything worth having, is worth the sacrifice. That’s how I feel about this. Take care,