OK...I am sure it has been discussed ad naseum....

Is there a benefit to taking the pre-reqs at a 4 year univ. versus a CC?
An admin counselor from CCOM told me yesterday that there is little difference…but I seem to recall hearing otherwise on this board…

I think it must depend on the school. I know a lot of people in the medical schools here and almost everyone of them (because they are all non-trad students) have taken classes at the CC and the University.
Go ask the med schools that you want to apply at what they think. Here where I live there is one CC that is known for being very easy so I avoid that one. The other 2 year college is known for being excellent and that is where I go to school for now (though I will complete my Biology degree at the 4 year school and have plently of upper level science classes so I will have a good mix).

Yup, it has definitely been discussed ad nauseum and you can search for the key word “CC” or “community college” and find lots of opinions on this. Note that the search function defaults to a 30-day back search. If you want to hear LOTS of opinions you’ll need to set it to go back farther.