OK...now I am ALL excited agaiin!!!

Amazing couple of weeks. Was actually down and out and very ill for 8 days…mild cystitis with resistant bacteria became systemic, treated with Levaquin and had a rare reaction to the Levaquin that mimicked lupus symptoms - go figure, only me!!! Much better now!! Managed to pull together requests for all my transcripts for my Post-Bacc applications. Put in two requests for LOR’s. My medical director where I work (Psychiatrist) wrote me a 4 page LOR that was so moving and complimantary that I couldn’t hold back the tears. I feel so incredibly HONORED. Whether I get in or not…seeing what he wrote down about me just moved me so…Still awaiting the one from my agency director. I want to be fully prepared to hit that SEND button on the application at 12:01 AM on September 1st!!! Started voluteering. I do Saturday mornings at a Therapeutic Riding facility for TBI, Autistic, and Developmentally Disabled children and adults. And I am doing one day a week at the local hospital. I figure this will add up to significant hours by the time I actually start a Post Bacc. Credit Repair is well on track - score gradually climbing, started to work on establishing a little positive revolving credit, Judgements and liens have been removed, positive credit histories have been added. One at a time the negatives are being taken off. Very exciting to be pulling it all together. The ultimate gift in all this, is that my husband has finally climbed %100 on board. He FULLY realizes how mobile we will need to be for the next 6-8 years, is on board with culling down the personal possessions, is on board with the strict budgeting, and is fully pitching in around the house in preparation for the days to come when all I will do is study and sleep. He has even opened his mind to the possibility that if no school in the US takes me, at least the Caribbean is a possibility if nothing else pans out. I am so grateful, that with the assistance of all you at the conference, and the support of this forum, EVERYTHING is finally coming together. Come hell or high water, at this time next year, I WILL BE IN SCHOOL!!!

He’s a wonderful man, Vicki! (and very cute - but just admiring from afar here!) Glad you have really found the momentum. See it’s rather like jumping off of a cliff and learning to fly on the way down -have to flap those arms really fast! You’re doing great. I remember when I really believed I was doing it, and started paring down my possessions to be “mobile”. It was actually pretty exciting.


nice response kate (about the afar)!

Great update Vicki!

Good luck to you. It is an exciting ride for sure

Orla W-almost 4th yr med student at Oceania University of Med-age 51

Woohoo! So happy to hear about your progress and so many things going so well. Yay!

Thanks for all the support!!! FYI to all of you that have followed the saga of my various health issues…pituitary tumor - GONE!!! Prolactin and ALL other measurable hormones - NORMAL values!! Adenoma - shrunk by 1/2. Entire Endocrine panel -NORMAL. No longer taking Bromocriptine. Endocrinologist cites return for bloodwork in 1 YEAR!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!! It defies what we know about aging…but I am actually getting healthier as the years pass on…how weird is that??? I will be 52 in August, and take ONE medicine - Premarin ( S/P Hysterectomy). How many 52 year olds can say that???

Hi Victoria,

I see you’re a fellow SU alum. Good to meet you. I graduated from SU in 2000 with an MBA. Originally from the Liverpool area. I’m looking to start a post-bacc program after I get some volunteering and hopefully research work in. Got a Psychology undergrad. Been working in finance for 13 years, so don’t have any clinical experience to speak of.

Good luck with your post bacc program. Let’s keep in touch.