Okay My update.

The last year here in the UK has been alright. I did pretty well at St. Chris but we found out on a trip to Paris with my Motherinlaw that my Fatherinlaw has Cancer and is getting treatment. Due to finances and his illness my wife and son will be going back to the New York to stay with my Mother and Fatherinlaw. I will be transferring to a Carribean Med school so I can fly home more often. (it’s also a lot cheaper. I know of Kathy’s problems and wish I could help her, my son and her’s saw each other just about everyday so the next 6 months here for my son will be tougher without him here. I will start in the Carib in Jan 06 and my family will not move back until May 06 so my son can finish the year here and move in the Summer. It’s exciting for them cause they will live rent free in Forest Hills, My wife is a manger for Staples and will transfer to NY. My son will start High School in the US. I get to live in the Carib and concentrate on the rest of Basic Science. Not bad all around. Changing schools will save us at least $10,000 a year or more, so this is one of the many reasons.

Bill, first my condolences to your father-in-law and whole family on his diagnosis. I hope he will do well with treatment.
Next, can you explain for everyone how you’ve handled the transfer? My recollection is that you were in a combined BA/MD sort of program there at St. Chris - a 6-year gig, is that correct? If so, how are you able to transfer to a Caribbean school? I thought they required that applicants have a bachelors degree already… or has the work you’ve done at St. Chris to date met that requirement? I am sure there are folks who’ll find your experience helpful, so please check in when you can and give us all the details, thanks!