Okay, Suppose . . .

Okay, suppose I end up with a C in Chem II. What is the general consensus here about a C?
I know there are so many factors that go into an admission evaluation, but I'm interested in what everyone thinks, and particularly knowing if there is anyone out there who got in with a C in a pre-req like this. I know there are some who've gotten in with C's in Organic Chem, but I'm thinking specifically in Chem II.
I made an A in Chem I, but I didn't have to teach it to myself. Oy vey.

I personally think that as long as the rest of your recent grades are good, and you can explain that you basically had to teach yourself this class, that you will be fine. There are so many other things going for you, that one C, should not be the kiss of death…

I agree. Nothing in your application is looked at in a vacuum, so saying, “What if I get a C in Chem?” is really just not a relevant question. The question is, "What if I get a C, and my MCAT is _____ and my overall GPA is ____ and my recent grades are _____ and my experience is ____ and my LORs say _____ "
See what I mean?
One C by itself isn’t likely to screw you, as long as it’s surrounded by great recent grades and an MCAT score that shows you must’ve learned something.
That said, don’t resign yourself to a C. I had a pretty terrible professor for Chem II - although I dutifully went to class, and he lectured, I don’t think I got much out of it. I just did problems, problems, problems, and more problems. Probably twice as many problems as for Chem I. blink.gif So in a way I think I probably “taught myself,” although I don’t recall thinking that at the time. And ended up with an A to my shock and pleasant surprise.
In fact, thinking back on my experience, and looking at what you’re facing now, Ash, I’d like to submit that you should re-frame your thinking into a more positive place. There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever why you can’t get an A in this course that you teach to yourself. Even with a really good professor, you have to do the heavy lifting of actually learning the material - as you know, you don’t sit there while it’s poured into your head. A crummy professor “just” means it will take longer. (and yeah, I know time is at a premium…) But I actually don’t think there’s much difference - you’re going to have to work hard to know the material either way.
Put your energies into thinking, “I can do this.” It is counter-productive to sell yourself short at the outset. For all you know, his exams will be really easy! tongue.gif (yeah, I know, but we can hope, right?)
Oh, and this is a circumstance where I would strongly advise you to chat up any traditional students in the class who have access to the on-campus underground of old exams. I learned that fraternities had files full of such stuff - if you can find that, it would help you know what to expect.

I'm still hanging in there. Everyone I talk to is just as lost as I am, so there is at least misery in the company.
Everyday I manage to teach myself something with some great lessons from a valued tutor I've found.
Thanks for the continued encouragement.