Old Man Dave in The New Physician

Congratulations, nice article! biggrin.gif

I just got my “New Physician” yesterday-- nice article, Dave— and your little girl is darling. Congratulations.


Is there a link?

Strong work, Dave!
jblue, try going to amsa.org to see if The New Physician has an online presence. I have no idea.

Yep, I got mine yesterday. I was flipping through it and saw Dave.
Great article. I especially liked the Animal House reference. smile.gif
Way to go OMD!!
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Yep, that's where I found out about you guys. But, boy, I wish I'd known about you when I was trying to get in. I had a real hard time finding anyone like me who had actually gotten there. I'm now a MED IV and have been called by administrators to talk with older premeds quite a few times over the past three years. In fact, the day after I saw your article, I gave the site address to a 40 yr old who's working on the pre-reqs. Well, at least I've found you now, and I no longer feel so different.
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I just found this site last week - I’m going to label myself as the non-traditional poster here on this site. The members of this group here are truly amazing! I graduated medical school more than 10 years ago and was considered a non-traditional student back then. Of course, being that there was no world wide web, I did not receive the benefit of such a great support system that exists here on this board. As a non-traditional student, I returned to school for my pre-med requirements after completing a non-science degree. While not being the oldest of the “oldpremeds” in my situation, I certainly went through the same concerns and issues and admission committee scrutiny. What I have seen changed since I was in medical school, is that there are more folks over 40 successfully being admitted to medical school. We had plenty of non-traditional student in my class, but age 39 seemed to be the cut-off age.
Congratulations, Dave!

I'm sure I'm not alone in welcoming our 2 new arrivals (above posts) - please, stop by and introduce yourselves in the Introductions (physician) section.
We'd love to hear more about you!

I was immensely honored that AMSA was interested in me & OPM. My darling wife is the one who directed their attention to me. Rifling through one of my New Physician mags, she saw an ad for folks to submit “interesting med students who had unique characteristics or accomplishments”. Well, she submitted me. Initially, according to my interviewer, I was to be a part of an overview article of interesting folks. However, after our initial interview, there were three overall, he approached his editor to do an article focused on me & OPM. Like I said, honored is a massive understatement. I’m still trying to learn to accept that I have earned the right to care for patients let alone that other folks might find my journey intriguing.
Ya know, for so many years, my “story” was one of serial failure that transitioned into a deep dedication with an “unrealistic” goal in mind…yes, some of my closest friends doubted my ability to get here…as did I. No, not a single one of them were malicious in their perspective - they truly cared for me & just not want to see me have to endure the pain of failure after having endured it so much in the past.
My perspective - the only to cast off the knagging aches of past failures was to give it my best shot now. Notice, I did not say that to redeem myself mandated that I got into medical school. The reality is, as much as we all may want this, not all of us will ever get in. However, I had to invest myself 150%, give the best try I can muster to see what would happen. I cannot express how thankful I am that it worked out such that I am now a physician. It could have just easily turned out very differently.
The point to my reply is that the sweetest part of the journey is the journey. It is about self-discovery - learning what you are turly made of, capable of and how deep your commitment can run.
I bid you all the best of luck & success.

Just saw it. You rock!