Old New Guy at a Crossroads

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for having me on the boards. I’ve decided OPM is the best place to be as I begin to make some major decisions in the next few months.

Being a nontrad premed embarking on a second career to pursue my dream, I find that my 23 year old counterparts simply don’t understand where nontrads come from. I’m glad to be here, and congrats to all of the recent acceptances and interviews!


I’m currently 32 years old and have a BS in Engineering from UCI. I graduated in 2005 with a 2.83. By the time I apply for med school, my undergrad record will be nearly 9 years in the past.

I have not completed any premed prereqs with the exception of physics which I took way back in 2002, so I’ll be retaking those classes simply as a refresher.

I’m currently at a crossroads, and can’t figure out what to do, and I am hoping that with some additional input, things will sort themselves out.

Scenario 1:
I have the option to attend a local Cal State University in a formal postbacc program consisting of 50 units of upper div bio, chem, physics and electives. The minimum GPA allowed is 3.0 in the last 60 units completed. I will need to take about 40 units at a CC to bring myself to this GPA due to the terrible downward trend I had in my last year of undergrad.

If I choose this path, and assume the best case scenario of A’s in all coursework from here out (90 units), the best possible GPA I can get is 3.27 all years considered.

However, this would put me at 3 CURRENT years of a 4.0 in cGPA and sGPA in a rigorous setting.

Also, I am not allowed to have taken ANY science classes in the last 5 years in order to keep the curve fair for the rest of the people in the program. This is no problem as long as I gain acceptance. If I don’t, this sets me back 1.5 years because I’ll need to take the prereqs!

Scenario 2: Ignore a formal postbacc entirely, and gain acceptance into an SMP after some GPA repair at the local CC. This GPA repair will consist mainly of premed prerequisites.

Shortly after, I will take the August 2012 MCAT and apply for an SMP that allows you to take classes with med students to prove you can hack med school.

This is a $35,000 proposition that carries a lot of risk. If I do poorly, MD is out like trout and I walk out with twice the debt I’m carrying now from undergrad!

If I do well, I will likely gain acceptance into an allopathic program.

I really appreciate any input. Thank you.

I just reread this post and I clearly had way too much coffee in my system.

I figured things out.

  • KWCMD Said:
I just reread this post and I clearly had way too much coffee in my system.

I figured things out.

well tell us, what are your plans, share, share share.....

Hi Richard,

Well, I essentially just called the schools directly.

Luckily they were all very helpful in terms of telling me exactly what they were looking for.

I will basically do a DIY postbacc at my community college and follow it up with 1-2 full time semesters of upper division science to prove I can handle a rigorous science curriculum.

Assuming I continue to do well and get a respectable MCAT, it looks like all systems go!

A few phone calls saved me 30K dollars.