old pre-requisite

Hi I applied DO school last year but dropped the application at the end because of a poor August MCAT score. I was so frustruated with my result that I took some time to go overseas traveling… But now I looked at the consequences, learned from them, and decided to use those lessons to make better decisions in the future. Rather than focusing on the pain of the MCAT experience, I have decided to continue to focus on my goal. I’m planning to retake the MCAT next April. (second time) However some of my pre-requisites are approx. 8-9 years old, though I’ve been out of school for only 2 years. I graduated from grad school 2 years ago but mostly I took graduate level biomedical science courses. Still, I’m slightly concerned about my old undergraduate pre-requisite. Do you think it’s better to take these classes again while preparing for the April MCAT 06? or just prepare for the MCAT while working as a EMT or science teacher? I’ve been teaching /tutoring AP biology chemistry physics since graduate school so I don’t think it necessary to refresh my memory by taking actual classes.
I just didn’t think that it’s really important to show the most recent courework (within a year) to ADCOM…
Any opinions?? I would appreciate!!

If you can get a copy of the MSAR or just surf through the web sites of the schools that you are interested in, you should be able to find out the “expiration window” that each school allows for premed coursework. This, more than anything will guide you as to whether you should retake them. It might also be helpful to meet with an admissions rep for your state school and see what they say about your situation. I know you said that you didn’t feel you needed the coursework, but perhaps it is worth taking a few of the courses to help your MCAT score. It might be worthwhile to wait a year before retaking the MCAT so that you could take the courses and brush up on your weaker areas.

I think it would be wise to talk to the pre-med advisor at the school you most recently attended or make an appointment with an admissions representative at a school that interests you to determine what THEY think you need to retake. You can explain that you are tutoring in these subjects so they’ll know that, too.
I know you’ve struggled most with verbal for MCAT, and with understanding the funky questions, so if you can continue with the tutoring and teaching, that would probably be the most to you–the give and take of conversation, both listening to questions and explaining concepts, might give you just the kind of fluency you’ve felt was lacking.

As others have posted, I would check with a premed advisor to be sure. I’m in a similar position where some of my premed reqs will be 7-8 yrs old by the time I apply. My advisor told me that if the premed reqs are 7+ yrs old, med schools will want to see more recent upper level course work in the sciences (which it sounds like you satisfied through grad school). You may want to also call/email some of the med school’s admissions offices that you are interested in to verify that your grad classes will satisfy the requirements.
As for retaking the basic prereqs for the MCAT, I think you should probably save money and focus more on studying for the test through a prep course or practice exams. If you’ve been tutoring AP bio/chem/physics, you probably have a solid foundation in the basic sciences for the MCAT. Your time and money will probably be better spent doing practice MCAT’s or taking a prep course that will help you develop your critical thinking and test taking skills. I was a little worried when I took the MCAT last year as it was almost 8 yrs since I took general bio and 6 yrs since I took general chem; but with a prep course I was fine and did well on the exam.