Old Premed Looking Old

I have the bad luck to be going gray in my mid-30s with noticeable graying at the temples (and I am a woman–it makes a difference). Today a lady in church actually pointed it out, and my mom’s been riding me about it for a while. A quality dye job is way out of my budget, but I’m wondering if actually looking old as an old premed could be a problem. I don’t want anyone subconsciously thinking that I’m too old because of my appearance, but I don’t want to spend money on this right now. Could aging naturally hurt how I’m perceived as an applicant?

The eyes are bad, too. I will almost certainly need reading glasses by the time I’m applying and hopefully going to interviews. Maybe I can hide that with bifocals.

I wouldn’t worry about your appearance into that much detail. Schools want to see your personality and social skills during interview, not focusing on hair. You’ll be fine! No worries!