old premeds in England

Hi I am over 30 years old and desparate to become a doctor.
I have just been reading about a lady who has children and slowly trying to fulfill her dreams.
I know it can be possible.
I am a single mum with two small children, and want to become a doctor.
I live in England and would like to know if there is any other support groups in England.
Is there anyone out there who shares the same interest

Kayley, as Mrs. Doubtfire said "Don’t worry deary!!! help is on the way!!!"
I am moving to England to attend St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Luton here in the next 8 weeks! yahoo!!
You can email me and I can plan on meeting with you and one other person who is in England to get you started on the path of desperation. You’ll need to find a place to do the pre-reqs or a combined program there. Oxford and Cambridge both have excellent schools however, I am not sure of how to get in and attend. Their medical system training is quite different.
Email me and I’ll try and answer some of your questions.