Older pre-meds in the eye of national media in Canada tonight

I have it from good sources that an interesting interview will air on the Canadian side of the border, tonight, August 10th.

Those who can, tune in on CBC News - The National - At 10:00 PM Local time; and watch for the ‘Health Report’.

The piece will also become available on the internet at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) after it has aired, i.e. after 11:00 PM. Follow link to ‘Health’.

The topic presented is: ‘older medical students’.

Happy viewing!

Thanks, Presse - I may have to check that out .

The broadcast aired on Friday, August 10th, 2007, at 10:00 PM Local across most of Canada.

I’m posting a link to the newscast - although I’m not sure how long the link will work.

The 2½ minute piece on ‘older med students’ is located at minute 21 of the one-hour program. You should be able to view the it HERE using RealPlayer or Windows MediaPlayer, and simply use the slider to fast-forward to minute 21.

I hope not to be breaching any copyright rules by linking directly to the CBC site - as per the permission statements documented on their WebSite.


Nice piece, Ron!

Congrats again on the acceptance and good luck as you start school. I think you will find that after the initial novelty of being the same age as most of your classmate’s parents wears off, they will be very accepting and generally value the perspectives that you have to offer from your wealth of life experiences.

how come the links aren’t working for me? how can i get to it from www.cbc.ca?

Cool, OPM has a celebrity

Best of luck with your first semester!

wow, that was great!! thanks for sharing, and good luck!

good sources indeed … congrates on getting in and good luck!

Presse! you did great and looked very professional on the air. I wish you luck as you enter this exciting time and please keep us up to date!

That was great, René! You carried yourself very well in that. Their camerawork was fun, too - I like them panning between skydiving pictures and you working at your desk. While they were filiming, did they tell you to sit at your computer and look busy, or were you actually getting work done?