on a lighter note... quote hunt

first - congrats to all of you who are matching on thursday. i must say that i chanced upon this site four years ago and i am truly appreciative of this online community that always seems to be there for everyone. i never thought i’d make it to med school and you all are a huge inspiration for me. i wish you the best of luck on thursday and hope that you find yourselves in happy places…
on a more selfish note: two of my dearest friends are matching on thursday as well. they are both going into pediatrics. i’m trying to pull together a little package for them and would love some help…
i’m looking for a great children’s book that deals with themes of courage, achievement, strength, or doctoring. i’ve thought of the obvious thus far (namely: oh the places you’ll go or the giving tree) but i’d like to come up with something a little bit more unusual. the hope is to find a book that will be meaningful to them but also serve as the first book for their eventual waiting rooms in their practices.
i’m also trying to find a good quote - something that deals with the same themes as shown above.
if anyone has ideas - please please please either post 'em here or send them to me personally. are there any other ideas that you all have that are good/meaningful gifts for med school grads?

I don’t have ideas of my own, but by all means call your public library and ask to speak to the children’s librarian. They specialize in this stuff and should have some fantastic ideas for you.

“The little engine that could”…although not original at all, it does have a story that I think everyone in life (esp. us OPM’ers) can relate to. I have fond memories of my grandmother reading me this book as a youngster. Those were the days.

Kelly, what a good friend you are to think of this - that’s really nice! The book that popped into my head when I read your note is actually about a dentist - Dr. DeSoto by William Steig. I love ALL of Steig’s children’s books, they are a riot and my kids loved them all.
I’m not sure “Dr. DeSoto” is what you’re looking for for this project, but it is a great kids’ book!

Here is my recommendation: