On my way

Hi all, after lurking on here for a while I’ve decided the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself.

I’m a 38 year old premed, who will be applying to medical school in 2014. Currently I’m working as an EMT for a private ambulance service. Mostly transports but I have had the opportunity to work occasional shifts in a 911 system.

It has taken a while for me to realize that the itch to go to medical school was a vocation and not just dissatisfaction with my previous career. I used to be a network engineer (working mainly with VSATs for anyone who knows what those are). “it paid my way but it corrodes my soul” as the song goes. Looking for something more fulfilling to do led me to becoming an EMT which in turn has led me to realizing that I should become a physician.

Anyway in no small part the words of encouragement, inspring stories and wealth of information on this site have been a big part of my descision to go for it.

At this stage I have about a year left of my undergraduate. This coming semester I am taking Gen Chem II, Disparities in US Healthcare, Physics I and Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

I hope I can add something useful to the site as I have learned quite a bit from it already.

Welcome aboard!

Denver?! Aw, man…I wish I lived in Denver

(Or maybe Boulder…)

Nevertheless, its great to have you on here. Welcome!!


Thank you for the welcome guys,

I just looked at my profile and saw that I first created my profile back in 2006!!

I knew I had been carrying the desire to be a physician for a while but 6 years is longer than I thought.

Just goes to show that if you really want it then that desire will not disappear with time. You may be able to distract yourself for a while but it will keep coming back. At least I can say I have done my due diligence and going to medical school is not just a whim.


I am also jealous of Denver! I used to live in Lafayette, right outside Boulder. My mom is still in Firestone.

Thanks for the welcome.

I like living in Denver but I loved living up in Summit County more. Still if I could choose where to live down here then Lafayette or Louisville would be my top choices. Both are great towns.

I’ll also be applying in 2014; with sites set on RVU and CU school of medicine. Here’s to meeting in the future!

Hey JMW,

I’m thinking about applying next year too. Welcome aboard!