ON the!verge of resigning!

I just wrote my resignation letter, after teaching for 11 years. I haven’t submitted it yet but I will soon. This is the most real it has felt.

I am excited, nervous, my stomach is all aflutter and in knots at the same time.

I just needed to share that somewhere.

that’s all.

Did you resign so you can apply to medical school?

Keep the faith with eager anticipation for the next season of your life.

Ok, it has been a few months!

I resigned so I could START medical school. And, I did. My school has an accelerated anatomy summer term thingy, and now it is done. Its now fall term, and just upon my first exam. I made it through anatomy while moving my whole family, selling my house, my wife left her job too. crazy times. It all feels very real now. Mostly, I feel adequately prepared for the info I am learning thanks to undergrad stuff, just the volume is different. I love it so far. The people in my class for the most part are awesome (350 people total!) and it is good. Hang in there folks, you can do this. And, I think maybe I can too.

My I ask what school you are attending?

Hope things are going well for you!

Wow Congrats! I hope to be in your shoes soon. I have two interviews lined up. I have been teaching for 14 years. Scary for me to leave teaching if the opportunity becomes available because if I don’t do well in med school it isn’t like I can just go back to teaching with those extra loans hanging over me.

I am at michigan state university college of osteopathic medicine. Still hanging in there. I’ve been busy- but still enjoying everything.

Lucy, it was and is scary to leave teaching- but so far so worth it. That being said, I miss my students! I also found pug the program that I spent 4 years building was completely cut the moment I left- that was heartbreaking , but also reminded me how tenuous my position was. Good luck.!

I resigned in May to focus on my post-bac prereqs. Best decision I’ve made so far.