One Semester Down--A Zillion To Go! Wahooooo!

Today I drove through a blinding snow storm to take my finals. I am donw with my first semester of pre-med classes and going to take a little break of a week or so and then prepare for next semester. I cannot believe that I have a semester under my belt…and I cannot believe how much I learned these past 4 months…and how much farther I have to go! lol
Thank you to all who were so helpful in providing feedback and support…it really does help to connect with others. I was one of three “oldsters” in my classes and it is nice to know that I can head for a spot where I am in the majority and not the minority!
Happy Holidays to all
E Lynne

I still have two more days to go, two more finals to take, but have exactly the same thoughts you do. I just cannot believe how much this first semester of pre-med tought me, and not only bilogy and chemistry -wise .
Thank you everyone for support.
And good luck to those who still have some exams to take!

Congratulations guys! It’ll fly by before you know it. It seems like just yesterday that I had finished my first semester of General Chemistry and Bio, Orgo, Physics, and the MCAT were still looming on the horizon.
Now the only thing looming on the horizon is orientation week at DMUCOM in August!

Happy end of semester to us all! I finished my finals today. I have no worries about Physics.
The biology exam, as predicted, bore a somewhat random relationship to the lecture material. One I was able to answer because I did some further reading and we subsequently kicked the topic to death in study group. Go, us! Four corrections were issued during the exam. I will probably be depending on the curve to save my sorry behind and get me the A my competitive soul craves.
But now, THE SEMESTER IS OVER! I’m volunteering at the hospice tonight, and then going contra dancing! WOOHOO!