one year down

i started this year with one goal - to not get an email from the dean telling me i was on academic watch or academic warning.

and i am proud to say that i have accomplished that goal.

i may not have done as well in some of my classes as i could have but i passed everything. given that i have the munchkins, family commitments, family emergencies, dealing with issues with my son at school…i will take passing.

Good for you…passing in med school is all you need. Until you get to the boards. As a friend of mine used to say about his grades…D for done!

Congratulations, Becky! That is indeed worth celebrating. Straight A’s are overrated when the price is your family.

Congrats and agree with the others! While you may not have gotten the highest marks in all the courses, you were successful in other ways that many of your classmates would have found impossible. There is a saying where I graduated med school, “P=MD”. This is told to the students at orientation, not to encourage laziness or a don’t care attitude, but to remind everyone that med school is tough and comes with a lot of ups and downs and to keep the focus on learning and passing your courses. Not being at the top of the class anymore is a difficult transition for many students to make, but with it can come a remarkable amount of personal growth.

Enjoy some time with your family away from the studies!


Now enjoy your ‘last’ summer!

Congrats, Becky!

I finished my first year as well! Whew!! VERY impressed that you did it with three little ones! Will be looking forward to future good reports


Congrats to both you and Kate!!

Enjoy your summer, and good luck next year!