Online Biochem

Anyone know of a good online Biochem course. Not free but for credit.

UNE has it: ry/

I took Chem II online through them. I wouldn’t rave about it but, it is done.

The University of Minnesota has one too. oc3021


I took biochem thru UNE, but they’re recently changed the syllabus. I thought it covered a lot of material pretty thoroughly and had a good watchable lecture to supplement the text (or was it the other way around?). When I took it, it was a one-test = final grade type course so it required a LOT of studying for the final. Now, I think it has several interim grades that takes some of the pressure off of memorizing a semester’s worth of details for one fell swoop.

I would recommend it. I finished in about 3 months, which means I had no life…

Do medical schools accept these online classes?

Depends on the school. Some do, some don’t.