Online textbook purchase

Just visited the bookstore–OUCH! If I had purchased the books it would have been $781.48! Does anyone have any great finds for places to purchase textbooks online? I’ve tried a few sites but it’s how to know in what kind of condition the used books are going to come. With all the legal work going into corrupt business practices, wouldn’t you think someone would have looked into college textbooks already???

I have bought textbooks at both and I have bought new books for less than full price from larger businesses and used books from individuals on both sites. I have never had any trouble with any of the books I’ve received. They all have been in described condition.
I have had three different problems. On one book I tried to buy on, the first person never confirmed the order. The second time I tried to order it, the person returned home to find out that her roomate had already sold the book. This was a huge problem, as I had already started the class. I spent a week trying to get this book ORDERED, not including the shipping time.
On an order from an individual from Amazon, the company had oversold the item and no longer had it available.
Another order (I can’t remember which site it was), the seller was a larger book dealership, and they sent me the wrong book.
However, despite the above problems, they were all resolved promptly. The ones that took my order and then cancelled it were prompt to communicate with me and prompt in processing my refund. When I called the company about the wrong book, they agreed to refund my money when I shipped the wrong book back.
The moral of the story . . . if you absolutely HAVE to have a book, be sure to either order it well in advance of when needed, or order it from a dealer.

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My experience, WalMart doesn’t carry everything, but when they do the price beats all - even though they dont offer free shipping. BN is usually my second stop, Amazon is my 3rd. has one-stop shopping for most all of the online textbook sites.

I bought all my books from a number of places this year and got them with no troubles., amazon, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (which is the publisher of many of the bookes) and one of the other publishers but I can’t remember their name.
A word of caution!!!.. if your school provides the published date of the one they want you to buy,then make very sure the one you are buying has the same date. I noticed a couple online that were earlier editions or same editions but earlier published sates, even thought the covers were the same. Other than that, you should have no troubles at all. Just check to see which ones have the best prices.