OPM Episode 222: Should You Go All-In on a Career in Medicine, or

This post is to discuss the episode “222: Should You Go All-In on a Career in Medicine, or…” from the OldPreMeds Podcast!

Students often ask if they should continue their current path, or abandon everything in pursuit of their interest in medicine. Today, I’ll answer!

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Ryan - Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out and feedback! Good to know ahead of time that I need to focus on articulating & demonstrating my interest in medicine. The family deaths I referred to in my post were all related to medical illnesses (e.g. cancer, for one). I spent a couple of years witnessing various treatments, learning about different medications, and seeing how each person was affected. This, coupled with how the quality of advice and resources available greatly impacted patient outcomes, led me to consider medicine. For undergrad, I was actually accepted to an early-entry pharmacy program, but transferred universities due to timeline and financial concerns, as well as not being a good fit with the school. So there’s a little bit of a history! I was recently hired as an ED scribe, so I hope to continue to demonstrate my interest that way. I appreciate your advice, and am still debating on whether to move forward with the MBA + prerequisites. I’m currently taking 3 science courses at my state university and am sitting at a 4.0 right now, so we shall see how all of this continues to go. Will let everyone know how it shakes out. Thanks again!