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Hey Everyone!

I’m a lover of all things baby and have decided at the age of 28 that I would love to go in to Peds. I am currently in my 3rd year of getting by BS in Business. I am married with no children. My husband is a PT with mounds of debt so I am hesitant to add more debt to our pile. But I am so unfulfilled that I just want to go for it. I am at a point where I have NO CLUE where to start. I took the SATs in 2003 when it was just verbal and math…I’m just at a lost. So I am hoping that I can use this forum for clarity and eventually on my way to my dream.

Welcome to OPM!

It’s true that “a mountain of debt” is not the best place to be in to start medical school. I’d suggest finishing your BS first, as you need to have a bachelor’s degree for most schools.

In addition, you can start on your science prerequisites. If at ALL possible, take Gen Chemistry I and II (with labs) your senior year of your business degree. That is because these are the hardest entry level courses to register for as a “non-curricular” student…one who is not currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

After you finish, I’d say you and your husband should both work and try to reduce the educational debt he owes. While doing that, you could take courses part-time to get the rest of your prerequisites (2 semesters of biology, of physics, and of organic chemistry). You don’t need a new SAT, nor do you need a second (science related) bachelors degree—merely the science prerequisites above, plus sociology and psychology. The test you will be prepping for is the Medical College Admissions Test, or MCAT. That will be taken after you have completed the science prerequisites.

It’s not a short road to get into medical school, but it is possible.

Read some of the threads here and you will get a much better idea of the process, and of what you will need to do.

Best of Luck!