OPMers on other websites

OK - we ALL know you frequent other venues……and I encourage you all to continue doing so. It is always to your advantage to have multiple perspectives on an issue.

But, I am now asking for all of your assistance…never do that, do I…in helping us promote our 2006 Conference & Workshops in other pre-med/med student/resident venues. As is clearly the case from the 2006 Conference Info page there will be a ton of educational presentations that will benefit all stages of education & training. But, we need help in getting the word out! There are only 4 conference planners & a dozen or so promoters that are working on the local DC-area promotion. We want to attract folks from all over the country!

So, please visit other on-line venues & talk up our conference. And, if you feel compelled to do so, do the same at your own school.

I have attached to this post our official 2006 conference flier. Feel free to make as many copies as your heart desires & spread them all over the place!

Thanks to you all in advance for your superb efforts to support & promote OPM!

Attached files 1145979615-Final OPM 2006 Flier.pdf (347.4 KB)Â


While this is late for this year’s conference, I have a question: I have had a problem with other older students becoming interested in the organization because they seem to be working hard to “fit in” with the younger students. While that is also a good and reasonable thing, what do I tell them about becoming a part of, and supporting OPM?