Organic...Fight to The Finish! (and some random thoughts)

Wow. This semster has been such a rollercoaster… but it all ends this Friday evening. Yes, my last Organic Exam is on a Friday night (yuck).

My grades fluctuated a lot this semester, but I have a confirmed A in Physics and somewhat certain I pulled some form of A in Bio as well…

My Organic grade is somewhat of a mystery, we have a new professor so not a lot of info on how grade distributions are calculated. All I know is that the average class grade will be the midpoint between a C+/B-. Average for tests is like a 61… my test average is about 83. Per a conversation with the professor, it falls within a solid B range. I was a bit dissapointed with this asessment… but meh I guess the best thing to do is to focus less energy on predicting the future, and focus more on studying in the present.

Fortunately, I am not working this week, and got until Friday evening to go through 12 chapters of stuff, old exams, and concepts that didn’t sit well with me.

Seriously looking forward to a solid 2 weeks of R&R.

Sounds like a heck of an Organic semester. Good luck with the final (and the R&R!) however it ends up.

Thanks Adam.

T minus 23 hours lol.

This really blows… we don’t get a “crib sheet” for the exam. There is simply no getting around some memorization, basically need to know the exact reagents for all of the reactions by heart.

Oh well, about 75% done studying. My exam is at 6:30pm tomorrow, so still got some time in the morning and afternoon to review gaps I have identified.

W00t! Got an A in Orgo I. EtOH decompression time!

Congrats! I know how happy I was to be done with organic, so I can relate. Get some well deserved rest over the break.


Congrats. I just found out that I smacked it as well.

I heard HORROR stories about orgo as an undergrad. Many people much smarter than I got driven away from premed with their tails between their legs because of this course.

I can’t tell you how many people sought me out the semester after orgo asking me “Find me a good government or sociology course. Something EASY.” “You’ve come to the right person, I would reply…”

I took a big gamble last summer when I had to choose between trying to learn orgo before the class began or spending the entire summer with Examkrackers Physics 1001 (hard as hell) to review and prep for the MCAT over a year away.

I chose the latter, without a ton of confidence in the choice.

I just logged in to my grades and found out that I ended up with an average of over 100. This is a real solid, ACS accredited program, too.

While I’m not going to get complacent now, I’ve suddenly realized that everything is now downhill into the June 13th MCAT. One more semester away from taking a perfect science GPA (roughly 3.85 overall) into the MCAT.

I’m a naturally confident person. Still, it can be daunting having seen so many others travel this road and have to turn back. At this point, it’s just nice to know that I am over the “weed out” portion of the curriculum, and that this little adventure is going as far as I want it to.