Orgo II for MCAT - Schedule Check

So I got a little more realistic about my schedules the other day. Even after dropping one job from full time to part time it was tighter than the significant other was willing to tolerate so . . .

In order to take the Spring 2013 MCAT I have to either:

Take multiple semesters with TWO hard sciences and Four electives (my original plan)


Take at least one semester with THREE hard sciences and two, probably three electives. Still will have a semester with two hard sciences and three electives.


Take the MCAT without Organic II.

I’m leaning towards the last option. With a review course such as Kaplan would this leave me prepared enough?

I am very aware of the very best advice given here in regards to preparing yourself to make one good application. I am, however, at my personal tipping point by pushing the MCAT back to early 2013. Pushing it one more cycle just makes the age issue too large for me, effects the financial considerations too much etc.


Thanks, Crepitus

Is that take the MCAT without any Orgo 2 or at the same time?

I’ll be honest, I would take it without some Orgo 2. I rember there being quite a few reactions on there.

Same time.

Finish Physics II and Bio II Christmas of 2012. Start Organic II and MCAT prep January 2013.

Take the April/May MCAT.

You’ll be fine. I took Orgo 2 at the same time I did MCAT prep. Most of the last month of Orgo 2 isn’t even on the MCAT at least not in Chemistry format.

I’m doing that exact same thing, Crepitus-- I’ll be finishing physics II and orgo II next semester, and I will schedule my MCAT for April (probably.)

I figure I will have seen most of the material by that point, and everything from the prior semester should still be fresh as well. For the Physics and Orgo MCAT review, I’m honestly not going to do as much–since I’ll be actively taking the classes. I’ll brush up on major topics, but will mostly hit my Gen Chem,Bio, Verbal stuff the hardest. The rest will just be test practice, strategy, etc.

April is a great time for the MCAT. That is when I took it.

I agree - take the Orgo II spring semester and do MCAT prep.

Why can some of the electives not be postponed till after MCAT? Is it just to get enough credits in? You have a “glide” year to play with.

If you can postpone the Orgo II LAB till AFTER MCAT’s, I’d do that as well. It’s a serious time-sink, and not really necessary prior to MCAT’s.


Yeah, the labs will kill one whole day week from start to writing report…

AMEN to that…