Part-Time Jobs for Pre-Meds


So, I’m thinking about enrolling in a phlebotomy certification course next semester (nights/wknds)concurrent with two of my four remaining pre-reqs (Organic I and Physics I). That way, I can work a job that will give me hospital and blood-handling experience.

I only want to work part-time b/c I’m going to start preparing the MCAT in the summer, but I do need some money coming in for expenses.

Is this a good idea? Or is there a better part-time job for pre-meds?

I know it’s too early to talk specialization, but I’m pretty sure Anesthesia is the route I want to go and I figured it would be a good way to get some hands-on experience with needles and the like.

(Yes, I’m aware that Anesthesia is wayyy more than needling.)

Or is there something better?

Anesthesia and phlebotomy? Have you considered being an EMT. There is more involved and many places will let you work part-time. This way, you’ll understand blood gases and the patients vitals that Anasthesiologists are constantly monitoring and adjusting. Blood gases, reading EKG/ECGs, administering fluids and such to stabilize patients. Probably more rewarding and even better on the application.


Gotcha. runs off to look up EMT courses