Personal Statement

Hey! I’ve finally gotten going on my PS. I’m way behind for this season, but I’ve recovered a little from my indecision. However, I’m having a little bit of trouble trimming my PS down to size for the DO schools. Is it better to include the necessary history with few vignettes or include vignettes and leave out part of the history? I found last year that being non-traditional means you have a lot more stuff that ought to be in the PS but no extra space to put it in, and this year is even worse since I’m applying to DO school as well, which means cutting 1/3 of the PS out.

Anyway, for those of you with application committee experience (and anyone else with 2 cents to put in), what do you think?


p.s. - would anyone be willing to read my PS in the next day or two?

Have you contacted the gentleman from the conference? He certainly helped me significantly.

I would not mind reading it. email me if you want.

I wrote my personal statement at age 32. I would only mention the highlights of your history, a vingette about medicine, and then why Osteopathic. any thing that is in your application elsewhere they will see. some schools conconstruct interviews around personal statement so be excited and knowledgeable about everything you put down. If you email me your statement by Sunday, I may have time to read it. Becky

For a non-trad, the PS needs to answer the questions “Why medicine? Why now? How did you get here?” You need to demonstrate that this is a well-thought-out career change - and of course in very few words. Anticipate what someone’s most likely to ask when they hear you’re applying to medical school, and start by answering those questions. Also be sure that some of YOU comes through as understanding the person behind the explanations helps a lot.