Ph.D. thinking about medical school

I am a 36 year old Ph.D. in molecular biology who is considering medical school. I enjoy research but have always had a desire to practice medicine. Any other Ph.D.'s with a similar experience/advice? All comments welcome.


I’m a “little” older (45) and have a PhD in a completely different field (anthropology). I’m just completing my post-bac courses and plan on applying to med school this year. I’ve found the journey so far exhilarating and have even loved organic chem. As a social scientist I didn’t think that was possible. But you’d be surprised at how one’s perspective and focus changes with age. With your background I’m imagining that you will have a leg up in your prep work to apply. I wish you luck!

Yeah! Forty-somethings going to med school - gotta love it! (I’m 44, will be 46 when I apply - hopefully only once - and 47 when I start!)

Read Linda’s journey - I think she was our age too and is a short time away from getting her match info, if I’m not mistaken.

Hi Doc2be,

Glad to meet you. Sounds like we are on a similar journey–I will also be 47 when I start. I could apply through a linkage program to go to our local med school starting classes this summer. It is very tempting. But it would require my studying for and taking the MCATs this spring. And as much as I hate to wait one more year to go to school, the time difference will make a huge impact on my family–we will all be in a better place for me to go to med school in 2010 rather than in 2009. I’ll look out for your posts and hope you have continued success.

I was in the same proverbial boat: BS/MS/PhD (Electrical Engineering), MBA, and a (very) nice position as a corporate officer. I started my prereqs at 48, and am now starting first semester, at age 50. With kids in college and family life patterns well-established, this is a GREAT time to go back to school, going to do what I really think I was meant to do.

I wish some people I know could meet you guys so they’d stop saying that at almost 28 I’m too old to be trying to finish up my UG and apply to med school!!!

I am new here but maybe I can get some information out of your post.

I am also an older student (39) but without the PhD. I have MS and work as a Software Engineer but Medicine is my passion.

I really want to return to school to take post bacc classes but going full time would post a financial burden on my family. I am marry with three kids. I opted to take part time classes at a local university.

If I were to be admitted to med school two or three years from now, will I be able to get funding, maybe loan, to take care of my family?

How would you combine family responsibility - mortgage, bills, food, etc when you are in med school?

Im currently finishing a PhD in immunology right now and plan to apply to med school after. I have to say (and dont take offense) but you guys make me feel young again. When I finish Ill be in my early 30’s and I was some-what worried about that. Everyone I know has applied in their early 20’s. Anyway Im hoping the PhD will give me an edge over other applicants. What do you guys think?

TBH, Twordo… I love being in my 40s! Nothing like some real life experience to help me realize that I can be 50 and still dreaming, or 50 and living it.

Some people, such as yourself, don’t need that real life experience to realize it - and kudos to all of you!

As to your question, I can’t answer that. But I’m sure some kind soul will

G’luck to you and welcome!