Pharmacist to Medical School Question (extracurriculars, volunteering)

Hello everyone,

I graduated from pharmacy school in 2008 and have been working in a few different settings since that time. Currently, I am an emergency medicine clinical pharmacist and most of my time at my job is in direct patient care working with physicians and nurses in the emergency department. Over my career, I also have a wide variety of clinical experiences including working in hospice, long-term care facilities, substance abuse/mental health, and working in the traditional retail/community setting. Now, I am considering going back to medical school and I plan on preparing for that by completing my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry (I gained acceptance to pharmacy school before completing my bachelor’s) which will require me to complete around 40 hours of upper-level biology coursework.

With this much clinical experience, what type of extracurricular and volunteer experience should I be looking to add to my application? Moonlighting as a full-time clinical pharmacist and going back to school will take up nearly all of my time and I am not sure how much EC and volunteering would be expected by a person in my position. Can anyone help enlighten me?