Photography site

I know that many here enjoy photography as a hobby or as an art form, and some particularly like nature photography - here is a site I thought you might enjoy - good articlces, but I love to visit the galleries for study breaks.
be sure to visit the Reader Forums - where member photos are posted and commented upon/critiqued and many good tips and techniques are shared.
Nature Photography

Wow Lisa, stunning work! Where did you find this one?
I’ve done mostly fine art/mixed media photography, as well as traditional zone system black & white (very archival), and P3 Cibachrome. Oil painting, design work, etc…
We added a darkroom to the house recently…I had a used enlarger, but we hadn’t ever hooked it up! (That had something to do with paying back student loans, my husband — then me — going back to school, and starting a family!)
In switching my tracks towards pre-med and medicine, I’ve done substantially less art work, less teaching and gallery/museum exhibits. Somehow, I don’t miss it! (A doctor, who goes to the same pool we do, used to be a dancer and was successful on Broadway…he made the pre-med decision in his late 20’s and has not missed dancing). Anyhow…
…a bit of personal history
-BFA, Clark University
-“extra” semester in design courses, Massachusetts College of Art
-MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, (School of Photographic Arts & Science)
-Editor of Photography, Runner’s World magazine, Rodale Press (3 yrs)
-College Instructor/Adjunct Faculty, Alvernia College — have taught art, design, and photography (12 yrs)
-Juried museum and gallery shows, for a LONG time! laugh.gif
I know others here have worked in the arts, either professionally or as a hobby. I’d love to hear others experiences in the arts, as well as how they’re making their switch to medicine…or vice versa! Wendy? others?