physics MCAT

I have been doing practice problems and I am nowhere close to where I need to be with my March MCAT date approaching. I think I am missing fundamentals that are not allowing me to really grasp these problems even after I work on similar ones. Is there a student friendly physics book/txtbook you all can recommend??? I am in the middle of a Kaplan course. Most have advised that I just keep working on problems but I am running out of problems.

I did Kaplan and had no surprises on the Physics section on the MCAT. Have you tried using their foundational review lessons on the Kaplan student page? If took me awhile to remember the fundamentals and apply them. Do you think it’s a knowledge or application issue you’re having? How much time after the Kaplan course do you have before your test?

If you need more practice problems, check out the ExamKrackers 1001 books.

i guess its application. once i read the explanation to the solution i totally get it 95% of the time but i wouldn’t have been able to figure it out myself. I’m reading everything in the review notes, making notes, half way through and have 9 weeks to go. I have extended the program way past my test. my subject tests are hardly ever over 60. I am glad to hear it took you a while to apply them too. I’m just getting impatient.

thanks i will try examkracker questions too

I finished physics back in '01, so my approach to the MCAT study was to relearn the foundational concepts first. Once I had those down for the most part, I concentrated on not only doing the practice tests/questions but also on learning how the test questions forced you to think. Like all standardized tests, you can learn to think like the test maker to help you frame how to attack the problem. By the end of the course, I thought Kaplan helped a lot on the “think like the maker” strategy for physics and VR. Chemistry on the other hand…

The Kaplan QBank was pretty good review of concepts, though they didn’t really stress MCAT-style questions.