Physics question

My school is enrolling for the fall right now and I need to take Physics 1.
My school offers an Intro to Physics class for students who have no physics backgroup. Do you think it is necessary to take the intro class before Physics 1? Do most people who take Physics 1 have a physics backgroup of any kind?
Also how much algebra does it require? Is it harder math than say Chem 1?
I just want to be best prepared for this class…any advice, insight would be appreciated. I’ve tried talking to people at my school but I mainly just know nursing students and none of them have to take it so I am clueless.

Usually includes all of the things you worked with in Chem 1 (exponents, logarithm, natural log, solving polynomials for x,) PLUS a bit of trigonometry when you combine vectors pointing in different directions into an angle.

I took the intro class for chemistry and it was a BIG help for me when I got to Chem I. As to Physics, it was my worst subject, I hated every second of it, I had never had it in high school and managed somehow by the grace of God to get a B. Now, my school didn’t have an intro class, but if it had I might have considered taking it.
Are you good in math, because physics has a lot of math. At least my class did. At my school you had to have had algebra first before you could take Physics. In fact, if I remember correctly you had to have had pre-cal to take it.
I had taken calculus and still didn’t follow a lot of things, but I hated the class and approached it with a CLOSED mind, which of course didn’t help. I think it was the science behind what we were learning that I didn’t understand rather than the math.
In my class the math was more advanced than it was in chem I.
Good luck.

Can you ask the prof of physics 1 what they think?
Physics uses math in a different way from chemistry. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have the extra intro to some of the concepts before starting physics 1. Honestly, I’d check with the profs of both classes before making a decision. It makes a big difference what the average math level of the other students in the class is going to be, and the profs should know what level that will be.

Thanks everyone, I’ll probably go ahead and take the Intro class and I’ll find out who teaches it and go talk to them as well.