Ok, the Physics section is killing me!!! Does anyone “get” physics? It seems too abstract and counter-intuitive, any suggestions on how to approach thinking about and dealing w/the problems?

if it makes you feel any better I am in the same boat so if you get any good advice, please share!

how long has it been since you took physics?

Hi Bea. A few people in my physics classes purchased the books “Physics for Dummies” and “Physics Demystified” for the same reasons you set forth. I just did a check on and they’re both under $14.
I’m not sure whether this will help you or not, but I’d be happy to meet with you sometime online (if you have AOL Instant Messenger) to answer questions you might have. Just let me know and we can set up a time.
Good luck in your preparation.

Not too long ago…about 2-1/2 years ago. But I didn’t get it then either!
I spent yesterday doing the lecture for physics, did the lecture exam, mini-MCAT, and Physics 1001 problems. What I’ve realized my problem is, is that I can’t seem to figure out the “method” of solving the problems. I think being “word problems” I get lost in the wording and can’t figure out which equation to be using or where to begin. I do start by drawing a diagram, writing down what I know, and what what I’m looking for…what inevitably happens though is more info has been given than I need and I end up trying to use everything.
ANYWAYS!!! Thanks for any tips anyone can give me! And is it just a matter of practicing problems over and over??
Wouldn’t it be great if we could “switch out” MCAT sections?? I’d gladly take 3 extra Organic Chem sections over Physics.

Larry you are an ANGEL!!!
I’ll go to the bookstore today and check out the For Dummies book! Great idea! I’ve loved Examkrackers but their Physics book isn’t the best…it’s great for review for those who already “get it.” I on the other hand need…well the “For Dummies” says it all!!!
Well I don’t have AOL Messenger but I’m sure I can download it. Thanks for your offer…I will definitely have to take you up on that! I’ll let you know when I get that done. And if you ever need help on Organic Chem let me know…that I get.

you may also try Schaum’s physics! I have college physics from this series and it makes things a little bit easier…

Practice, practice, practice. I also found that with more than 10 years since I took (and retook) physics, I needed a good physics book. Efex recommended a good one, Conceptual Physics which comes with a complete answer book.

Hi, Bea!
I took the MCAT in August 2005 and I can relate to your experiences with physics. Once you find a good study book, you have the right approach in mind. Start with a diagram, write down information given, and what information is needed. You will be able to understand the physics concepts eventually, if you put forth the time and effort. However, be warned that this process is very slow. You are going to have to get to the point that you can answer each question pretty quickly. That was my challenge. Given all the time I needed, I could figure out all types of physics questions; however, being able to do it under the timed conditions required on the MCAT was difficult. Look for ideas that can help you increase your speed once you have the conceptual approach figured out. Good luck!!!

The counter-intuitive thing is so strange and mind-blowing. How is it that I am pulling the earth toward me with the same 180 pounds of force that it pulls me toward its center. Doesn’t seem possible.
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