Picking the best teacher?

Hey guys, I got a relatively simple question for ya but it’s one I can’t figure out the answer to. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m chronically indecisive about what classes to take and who from but anyway.

So my math teacher who’s teaching pre-calc right now is teaching calculus 1 next semester and calculus 2 the semester after that. So I can take my year of calculus from her. Or I can wait until next school year and take my year of calculus from this other teacher.

The math teacher I have right now is extremely nice, explains things rather well, but her tests are moderately hard; they’re not easy by any means.

The math teacher I /can/ take next school year instead from what I’ve read on student reviews is very nice too, doesn’t explain things as well, but her test questions are taken right from the homework which implies her tests may be easier.

So my question is, which math teacher do ya guys think I should take calculus from?

Whichever you’ll learn best from. If you’ll learn the same from both then I would take the one who grades easier. It’s calc and not a true requirement at every med school and not on the MCAT. Do well and get good grades. If you know, with all certainty, that the other prof tests are easier then I would go that route. HOWEVER I never trust the opinion of other students…not even my wife. Too many times a student will love a teacher and recommend them and they turn out to be a waste of time and money.

Sit in a class and see for yourself.

I wouldn’t take this approach with science classes.

On the flip side…there is something to be said about already knowing the test patterns and habits of a current prof. I’ve chosen profs that were difficult because I’d already been thru their previous class. “Better the ‘devil’ you know than the one you don’t…”

  • croooz Said:
"Better the 'devil' you know than the one you don't....."

Damn that's a good quote. I suppose that's probably the best way to look at it too, thanks.

I agree. At least where I went, half the battle is learning HOW to take the tests from a specific instructor.

Another observation I have had is that MOST of the time, an older professor (that has been teaching a while) is better than a newbie. They have honed their lecture and testing techniques so that if you study and work hard, you will at least do well.

There are exceptions to this, but generally a good teacher requires experience at TEACHING.

Also, don’t rely on the opinions of others. When I was pre-nursing and taking A&P, everyone complained about how difficult this teacher was…even took points off for grammer and spelling! I found him to be quite easy, as long as you went to class and studied.