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Hi. The Washington Post ran an article on this doctor who writes a funny medical journal. His web site is I don’t subscribe myself but may do so in the future. I think his web site is funny at least.
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Placebo Journal

Oh MAN that site was funny. The journal is a bit pricey although probably worth it and I’m sure the editor/promoter is right - it’ll be the one thing doctors read from cover to cover.
People who haven’t yet done a lot of direct patient care will undoubtedly find a lot of the stuff just too cynical, and will (wrongly, I think) conclude that the contributors must be heartless. Nah… it’s more a case of “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” Laughing is better.
I detected a certain level of fondness for the “problem patients” described in the MOCUS section (I am not going to try to explain it, go and look for yourselves!) even while the descriptions of these people were really pretty breathtakingly awful.

From the testimonies:
I absolutely loved my free sample (picked it up in Atlanta). In fact, I keep
enjoying it. Why, just today Placebo Journal was instrumental in helping me to evacuate my distal colon, again. When I pick up The AFP or Consumers' Reports, I just can't pinch that loaf as well as I can with Placebo Journal. In future issues why not use soft squeezable paper so the Journal can be used twice?
I look forward to the time that Placebo Journal takes its rightful place as
the backbone of the American physicians' toilet.
Many many thanks for adding smiles to my cheeks.
Donald Miller MD

Gotta love this one