Placement Exams

Oh dear God… my first “real” step into this river of dreams…

I take my chem placement exam on Weds 26 years after my last chem class. I take math on TH.

In speaking with the gen chem prof (and department head), she thinks I’m going to be in the higher end chem class. She smiled when I said I knew there is a difference between alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes but that I could not remember the exact difference (CnH2n-1 = alkene?)

Hope I prove her right!

Good Luck!

I am sure you will do great. If for some reason you dont its really not that bad to start at a lower level chem course. This will allow you to do better at the more advanced levels. Good luck!

Thank you! I’m excited to see how much I’ve actually retained over the years…

Good luck, jkp! You have me beat; I can’t remember those differences at all! I need a refresher…

Well I may need serious help. My GenChem 2 professor was horrible. I don’t know that I learned anything much in the class. He curves grades so I will probably get out, but what do I do? Is this going to kill me later on…with the MCAT? Help!!!

Just get a good MCAT prep book and find a good study buddy and you’ll be okay. Schedule extra time to study the chemistry.

Thanks for the advice. I need to find a study buddy. I already have my mcat book.(Kaplan) I also still have my chemistry book. They are now using a newer version. Again thanks for your help.