Planning BIO Courses

Hiya Everyone,

Hope the year 2011 is great for each of us.

I am here because once again I need advising.

I am planning ahead for BIOL semesters, after I complete GBioI/II with labs, and will be soon discussing those with one of the advisors.

Which BIOL courses will be most helpful (besides GBIO-I/II) for MCAT preparation and med school?

Thanks in advance.

Genetics, micro, immunology . . .

For the MCAT

I would tend to say the following (but may be wrong)( order of preference)

1- Genetics

2- Biochem / Cell and Molecular Biology

3- Microbiology / Anatomy Physiology

If I had to pick just one for the MCAT, I would go with genetics. Later on, anything else will help with the adcom.

  • Emergency! Said:
Genetics, micro, immunology . . .

Bichem is highly recommended and in some medical schools can be used in lieu of a semester of organic.

For MCAT prep, Genetics and Biochem. For med school prep, Cell bio and Micro if you have the time during your glide year.

Interesting about the biochem substituting for organic.

Having completed the bio 1 & 2, my advisor suggested this semester I take biochem and micro. These being 4000 and 3000 level at my school. Her reasoning was that they would be good courses to have, in addition to showing that I can do the upper level work on my post-bacc grades. Taking a total of 16 hours this semester, and all hard science.

She’s right. If I can’t do well on these this semester, I’d get killed first semester in med school.

I have heard that while biochem is good to do prior in that many med schools recommend it, physiology is actually much more helpful on the MCAT - this is from a guy called “Sn2” on the student doctor network who has put together a wonderful guide from self-study for the MCAT.