Playoff picks

Pick your teams to go to the Super Bowl:

(Home team is bold and Caps)


New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers
pick: Steelers


Philadelphia Eagles @ St. Louis Rams
pick: Philadelphia (upset)

STEELERS will win the AFC

Most likely, the RAMS will take the NFC crown, although I would rather see D’Eagles take it…they’d be easier to beat the tar out of in the Dance!!!


Dave you’d fit right in here in the 'burgh

except the proper pronuciation is…go stillers

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I agree - Steelers take it over all, but now that I’m living in Missouri, I would probably get shot if I said I’d like to see the Eagles beat the Rams (but I would!)

Well, I was wrong on both accounts. I picked Pitt because of homefield. I forgot to realize that they have lost in the AFC Champ game 3 times AT HOME!!!

So its NE vs. St. Louis.


St. Louis by 28.

Being I’m from Michigan and I’m a huge UofM fan, I have to root for New England and Tom Brady. Besides, I HAVE to root for the underdog!!

Go Pats!!

PATRIOTS RULE!!! I rooted, as always, for the AFC – I am one of those old-style, AFC style smash-mouth football fans – so, I rooted for the Pats from the word go…at least from the point the beat my lack luster STEELERS!!!

I am as shocked as the next guy – but unbelievably pleased.


Even though I thought St. Louis would win by 28. I am happy. Pats played a superb game and made Rams WR’s get hit …a lot.

Congrats to NE fans. Next thing you know, they’ll be talking BoSox in the WS again…