Please critique this plan of study. (Long) (ADN -> B.S. Biomedical)

So a summary of my self:

I’m turning 27 in January and have been an RN for 1 year with an associate degree. I work on a busy med-surg / cardiac unit. I planned on going straight for the BSN and then on to MS for ARNP, but this year of work has really changed my mind. I want to be a physician.

GPA: 3.08

science GPA: 2.6 (based off of 3 classes)

If I change my major to a B. S. in biomedical science, I could be finished in 3 years I suppose. This is a schedule starting where I left off. I already have 38 credits towards an AA. So, if I finish the pre-reqs at a community college it will put me way above 60 hours.

Spring 2014

English 2

Intro Chem




Total 15

Summer 2014


Precal Algebra

Chemistry I w/ lab

Total 10

Fall 2014

Chemistry II w/ lab

Calculus I

Physics I w/ lab

Biology I w/ lab

Total 17

Spring 2015

Calculus II

Physics II w/ lab

Biology II w/ lab

Organic Chem I w/ lab

Total 17

Summer 2015

Organic Chem II w/ lab

Total 4

AA Transfer Total 102

Fall 2015

Biochemistry BCH3023 w/ lab

Physical Chemistry w/lab CHM4410

Microbiology MCB3020C

Cell Biology PCB3023 w/ lab

Total 18

Spring 2016

Physical Chemistry II CHM4411

Biophysical Chemistry CHM4413

Biomolecules CHM4300

Total 10

Summer 2016

Physiology PCB3712 w/lab

Genetics PCB3064 w/lab

Total 8

Fall 2016

Virology MCB4503

Pathogenic Microbiology MCB5206

Immunology PCB4234

Class *** idk what here ***

Total 13

BS Total: 151

Complete Total (With nursing classes): 202

So is this way too heavy of a courseload? I’m thinking if I can’t handle something like this then I really shouldn’t be thinking of medical school. I have no preference of DO vs MD schools. Maybe I need add in another year.

Finally, I just wanted to mention that if I went straight for ADN->BSN I could be done in 5 semesters (Summer 2015), but I think post-bacc might not be such a good idea as I will only have had 4 science classes up to intro to chem…

Whoa. This is a REALLY heavy courseload. Don’t do this! Your GPA already needs some help, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by taking so many courses that you drown and don’t do well in any of them.

Better to take some extra time, do things right. Don’t rush your pre-reqs because you don’t get to do them over again.

  1. Don’t take preqa at a CC unless you’re broke.

  2. The course load from 2015 on is way too heavy.

  3. The transition from CC to major university could be very difficult because the work load/expectations are VERY different.

I think I just read your post on SDN. This is too heavy of a course load. Multiple science classes with labs can take up alot of time. One of our mantras here is “this is a marathon, not a sprint”. It would be better if you take your time. Maybe move some of your Spring, Summer 2014 classes to 2015 to help lighten up your course load. Or take a class without a lab during the summer. I would burn out quickly on this schedule.

Talk with an advisor at your CC and transfer school about your plan and see what their recommendations are. What’s the difference between intro chem and Chem I?

Okay, thanks for the advice. This is why I posted here!

I actually have an appointment with an adviser at USF next week. One of the problems I’m going to have is that my credits are excessive and I will take penalties at my current CC after next semester.

I have to take an intro to chemistry at my CC before they allow ANYONE to take chem I. I don’t really agree with this, because I’ve had chemistry in high school and also some chemistry during my nursing school.