Please fix the spam,viruses, errors with site

Problems on the site have previously led to my computer being “infected”.

I won’t continue to risk it given how much I use my computer for school/work.

So Crooz, you may be correct, LOL!!


But to be precise I’m talking about our departure once we’re accepted. The closer we are to applying the more we’ll post. Once in school, time isn’t on our side. Worse in residency. Once an attending it’s “OPM…? Is that some disease? Website?”…you’ll see…and it’ll be a great day!!!

The current issues with the site have nothing to do with virus, malware, or other malicious software. It is a bug between the underlying version of database (MySQL) that was recently upgraded by our hosting company and 2 other pieces of software on the webserver. I havent had any reports of malware from OPM being downloaded from OPM onto users computers. If you have that issue, please let me know ASAP

BTW, I thought OPM was recently listed in the recently updated Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) as a personality disorder, with obsessive compulsive traits and delusional episodes where the patient believes they arent too old to be a doctor…

@ crooz:

We’re still out here lurking…and cheering you on!

Ah, I see. Since the database error started happening at roughly the same time we started getting spammed with all the adds for clothing or jewelry, I thought they were connected. I’d love to see those people blocked if possible.