Please Help!

Hello,I am new to this group. So glad there is a community such as this one. I am so confused about what path to take and will appreciate any input

I am 33 years old, a mother of 3 working as a radiation therapist currently.

-I graduated with a degree in Biology ,GPA of 2.3 ten years ago…(Juggling 2 jobs,family tragedy that I didn’t deal with too well)

-I did another Bachelors in Radiation Therapy and graduated with a 3.4 GPA (one year program) in 2007.

-My science prerequisites were taken between 2001 and 2004…about 3.0 GPA.

Given the length of time of my classes, unimpressive grades,should I pursue a Master’s to prove I can handle upper level science courses?

Should I focus on studying and taking the MCAT?

-Or should I retake all the prerequisites since they are older than ten years?

I have reached out to a couple of schools and they have been very vague as to whether or not I need to retake my classes. I just want to pick the option that makes me a stronger candidate.

Please let me know if you have any idea!

Not all schools have a drop dead date for grades, and those that do vary. I think I’ve seen between like 3 and 10 years published on school pages. I had a couple of classes that were about 12-13 years old and still got accepted.

I think you should target a post-bacc program designed for retakers rather than an SMP because it has been so long. I think with your history, your goal is to prove, over time, that your lower grades aren’t representative of your capabilities now. It’ll be a bonus too if you do well while balancing a family.

Thank you for your encouraging feedback!

I looked into some Post-Bac’s in my area, Northern California and they seem to want an MCAT score .I guess I will have to work on the MCAT , and then go from there.