Please Help

Hello everyone. I am so happy to have found this site. I am embarrassed to even mention this, but I really do need some advice, so, here is my situation:
I took both semesters of Orgo in college and got D’s (yes, both semesters). I retook both semesters, post-bac, at the same time during the summer while working and got…a C and a D blink.gif (yes, I know - DUMB). SO, I retook the second semester yet a third time and got a B. when you are finished laughing at me…what would you suggest?
a) take Biochem and a few more post bac classes ( I have already taken 6-7 post bac grad-level science classes, including a graduate level orgo and done very well) and see what happens
cool.gif I am getting prettyold - old enought that I could start all over again in a couple years (“fresh-start” prorgam wher you can drop all grades 10 years and older and begin again - of course, your transcript will state “fresh start”).
c) any other ideas?
Please help. I really need advice! ohmy.gif

Hi oldLady,
You must be in Texas, right?
Well, there's nothing you can do about those old grades, so just put them behind you. You have met the requirements, so that's that. How does your overall GPA look? Science GPA?
Sounds like you are doing the right things (taking post-bac advanced courses). I don't know that much about Fresh Start, but it might hurt more than it helps if you lose a lot of your prereqs.
Remember, your application is about more than numbers - especially as a non-trad. Are you going to the OPM convention? I'd highly recommend it if you need application advice. I learned so much last year, and this year is going to be even better!

Hi! Could you please explain the 10 year clean slate comment? I was under the impression that my undergrad grades will haunt me forever. And that even if I get a 4.0 in a post-bac, I'll still have to explain/contend with my crappy undergrad gpa of a 2.85, and even worse science GPA. However, if after 10 years you get a clean slate, well, that is the best news I've ever heard! Please clarify when you have a chance.
Regarding O. Chem, I'd definitely not recommend taking it again, since you took it 3 times and finally did earn a B (which is a great achievement given the difficulty of O.Chem). Earning an A in biochem would be a powerful way to prove yourself and to show that you are capable of success in med school in my humble opinion (of course, I may be biased being a biochem major). I too, had a D the first time I took my second semester O.Chem class. I wound up repeating it as a student at large a few years after I graduated, and earned one of the highest A's in the class, which I was very proud of, given the class had over 200 students (now, if I could only track down that prof. for a LOR).
Well, don't give up! I'm 29, and after some great advice from people on this board, am signing up for evening premed classes to improve my record. I'm hoping to get through them in the next two years, retake the MCAT, and apply to U.S. Schools, while getting clinical exposure. It's going to be tough, especially since I work crap hours, but I truly believe you've got to follow your dreams. Best of luck!

Hi -
Thank you both for replying. I am feeling more hopeful after hearing that I am not the only aspiring MD with a decidedly unimpressive undergrad record!
Regarding the “clean slate” issue: I live in TX, where the schools recognize what is known as the “fresh start.” The schools will disregard all grades earned >10 years ago, so basically you can earn a BA/BS all over again. There is a catch: Your transcript clearly states “Fresh Start.” I don’t know if other states have similar policies. Also, after reading the first response to my message and thinking about it some more, I don’t know if going through another 4 years of undergrad classes will make me any younger - the clock is ticking!
Best of luck to you. I will think of you as I trudge along.

Have you looked into osteopathic programs? They tend to be more forgiving to non-traditional applicants. Plus, there's the caribbean as well. Not the most desirable route to take, but if you feel that you don't want to spend another 3-4 years earning a second BA or BS, the carib is a legit route. Check out when you have a chance - it's full of information about foreign med schools. Good luck.

I am a product of the Texas Freshstart program. They see all of your transcripts, but they cannot use the courses that fall under Freshstart for admissions consideration (they don't count in your GPA). The negative is that you lose all of the courses that are covered. For me, that meant re-taking the first semester of English that I had originally clepped out of (missed clepping out by a few points the 2nd time around).
The first step of the application process is a numbers game. Initially, they are going to look at the Freshstart GPA and your MCAT scores. Once they start looking deeper into your application, in addition to your Freshstart courses, they will see your life experience and other attributes.
As long as you can get the numbers high enough to get your application looked at, maturity and perseverence will count for alot.
I almost forgot. You can only use the freshstart program when applying for admissions. What I mean is that when you apply they knock off anything 10 years old from that point. In some cases, timing can be a big issue. When I went back to school, I started at a community college. I used Freshstart to get into UT Austin and finish my degree as soon as I could. I did not use Freshstart specifically for medical school. They all accepted it from when I got into UT. Interestingly enough, Baylor even said that they would honor it (They don't have to since they are not a State school.).
Hope this helps!
Trey Wood

Thank you so much for that clarification, TWood. I think I may take advantage of this, since my prereqs are the grades are poor at this time.
I have been thinking about med school a lot and am leaning more towards waiting to apply until my children are in high school, which gives me 6-8 years to work with. Plenty of time to work on the GPA tongue.gif
What would you suggest I do in regards to work in the meantime? I would really like to work in the medical field. Maybe nursing or something else? Any ideas?