Please....tell me more!!


I have been really thinking about this…and a number of folks are status post the first 2015 “NEW” MCAT.

As a social scientist and having worked in the social science professions for over 30 years, please, do tell, How did you find the new social science section of the MCAT? They had threatened DSM V - Did they? They had threatened Gestalt - Did they? (Although use of Gestalt based therapies faded away a good twenty years ago…) Are they seeking your familiarity with the terms, or how to apply them? Or if you know basic psych and sociology theories and theorists?

My curiousity is killing me on this one…

Have you seen that? It’s all of the testable content according to the AAMC. Very general though.

Yes, I saw that…I am just curious to hear from folks who have taken this, this year, and find out what their experience was like…

My experience with the behavioral science section was that it was very general and navigable with some vocabulary and common sense. I was definitely worried; I last took the MCAT in 1998 and I have no formal psychology or sociology training in my background. I studied as much as I could from review books and found that I was really just learning vocabulary for some pretty common sense observations…and that’s mostly what I found on the test itself. You had to make sure you knew the difference between operant and classical conditioning. Most of the test was interpreting experiments and observations of people, and I found it pretty easy to get the selections down to two.