Plenty old but not dead, though prereqs might do it

Hello oldies! Don’t you hate it when they call 80s music oldies let alone 90s music?

The idea to entertain med school just dropped into my head at 44. I’ve a 1995 BA in Hist and Econ and several other credits from the times I thought I water to be:

  1. a teacher
  2. a nurse

    So I’ve taken a 5 credit A&P, Micro and Chem I about 6 years ago but would still have to plow through Chem II, orgs, physics and biochem for my school of choice. That’s the other kicker. I work and llive with my family in rural WI so my only choice is either WMC Green Bay or MCW which caters to folks wanting to do rural FAM prac or psychiatry, which is cool with me. But I’m going to take it class by class (and if i survive that the mcats) as I’ve never considered myself smart enough to be a doctor. Now to find a Chem II and maybe Physics I class…and talk with my DH.

Hey…I’m in the same area as you.

NWTC has Chem II and Physics I check it out.

Be sure to check out UNECOM’s online course offerings if you’re limited in terms of in-person offerings. Be aware that some schools do not accept online prereqs, but others do.

University of Colorado has some pre med classes online. I have heard rave reviews about their biochem professor. The professor teaching each class has their emailed listed. They do encourage you to email them with questions before you sign up for a class.