Poking my head out to say hello!

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve said hello so I thought it was about time that I did. Things have been subdued for me since my mom passed away (a year ago tomorrow). At first I questioned my decision to pursue medicine. I even took a leave from my duties in the emergency medicine research program that I’d worked so hard to get into. Then I made the decision to keep living my life. I went back into the program but stayed low key with school. I deferred my last two pre-reqs in favor of saving them for this year.

My experience working in the ER has been invaluable. Since coming back I was selected as the lead research assistant on a project involving the virology & bacteriology associated with apnea in neonates. I’ll have a chance at publication for that, as well as having gained some valuable new skills. Part of my duties puts me in the ER working with patients as well. I’ve also spent many hours shadowing physicians. All of that has reignited my passion for medicine. Particularly for working with the under-served (I’m in a county facility). It’s truly been one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling years of my life.

Monday is my first day of the fall quarter. Although I was tempted to load up on a bunch of classes that I don’t really need, I dialed it down to taking just physics and o-chem (my last two pre-reqs). I’ll continue my work in the ER and on my research projects. I’m up for promotion into a more visible leadership position within the program as well. My plan is to sit for the MCAT next summer and start the application cycle immediately after. It’s sure been a long time coming. I’ve frequently let fear hold me back from finally just doing it. I’m feeling like the time is right though.

I’m really happy to be back here, and am looking forward to hearing from old, familiar people as well as getting to know new ones.

Good luck to everyone, no matter where you are on your journey!


welcome back… you have been missed

Good luck on your journey. It is a big step that you have decided to take and it definitely takes courage. Fear is an obstacle that can hold anyone back from pursuing what they are called to do. I’m glad you overcame that to pursue your dream.

I second what Gonnif and jjsummer have said, and also wish you the best this year. Glad to have you back posting on the board.

  • nnylacire Said:
I'm really happy to be back here, and am looking forward to hearing from old, familiar people as well as getting to know new ones.

Welcome back, from a new person!

Hello nnylacire,

Welcome back from a new number as well. Which CSU are you attending? How do you like it? I’m currently looking to apply for a post-bacc program here in CA by the end of this semester.


Hi Cliff! I’m at CSU Bakersfield. I like it well enough. It’s a small campus so there’s a cohort vibe to the chemistry and biology departments, which is pretty cool. There are lots of pre-meds, but for the most part we all stick together and help each other out, form study groups, volunteer together, etc…rather than being uber competitive. The professors have all been outstanding as well. I’ll miss being around there when I leave at the end of the year.

Good luck to you!