Possible addition to site?

I was just thinking, would it be possible or even wanted, to add a chat box here in the forums? A few other sites I frequent have recently added them. It is nice to have, in terms of adding things quickly and not having to make or create a new thread for minor things.

Just curious?

Hmmm, I know there are some free chat clients out there for smaller sites. We may fit into that category. I don’t know a lot about them, but I can ask the admin of the sites I volunteer at.

OPM used to have a chat box docked on the right side of the home page before the upgrade to FusionBB. Or am I just dreaming…seriously I just woke up and I may just be pulling lint out of my ears…the other piece of lint(from the other ear of course, duh) says that they also had a ‘birthday box’ to announce who had a birthday…

Mehgan(awake? or not?)

interesting guys…hey meaghan you awake yet?

I think I am conscious. I guess since I am irritated I must be awake.

Frustrated Meg…explain later…argh…

Hmmm…Still irritated?

I wonder if an admin could chime in on this? I personally think it would be a pretty useful resource for quick posts and links and what-nots…

Used to be a chat box. I don’t know why it went away. I’ll ask the site admin and get back to you.