post bacc curriculum planning advice

Hi all!

Well, I’m underway with my first semester of my post bacc program and everything is going pretty well. Still waiting for my first Bio exam grade, but happily scored a 100% on my first math exam, and am feeling the FUD start to recede a bit!!

Anyhow, I’m writing as I could use a little advice from your wise selves as I start looking towards the semesters to come.

I would really like to finish this program in 2 years (don’t we all!), and limit my 2nd year of the program to Orgo & Physics. This would mean that I need to take the 2nd semester of Bio, 2 semesters of Gen Chem & 1 semester of Gen Chem Lab, 1 semester of Calc, and 1 semester of Statistics before Fall 2013 (my certificate program requires the year of math in order to get my committee letter, so no getting out of it). I would also really like to do this without quitting my part time job.

Basically, do you think it would be crazy of me to take Gen Chem, Bio AND either Calc or Statistics while working 25 hours a week? It seems that is what I would have to do in order to then take Gen Chem, Gen Chem lab, and Calc over the summer.

I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I had to quit my job and take out some more loans, because extending this into a 3 year program would end up being just as costly.

The post bacc advisor for my program just left her position suddenly without being replaced, so I’ve been wanting for some solid advice. Any words of wisdom? Would love to hear any thoughts!



Welcome Lucy!

In short, what you are trying to achieve is possible ( I had the same schedule last semester). In fact, the schedule that you are trying to achieve for the second year ( Physics and Ochem) is the schedule that I am carrying now. The only difference is that I will prep for the MCAT in the Spring.

I know the math might seem like a drag, but the committee is necessary when applying to medical school (this is really the case if your school offers one).

Check out my posts (I have shared my schedule in the past; perhaps it will help you).

PM if you have further questions.

Good luck with your coursework!

My school is on quarters, so year long courses are broken into 3 sections instead of 2, but last year I did gen-chem and biology together along with the university honors program for gen-ed while working part time and raising two teenagers. I’m a standard undergrad not a post-bac, but I would say it’s a comparable course load to what you’re planning.

My only caution would be to not over-do it for summer term. Here they divide the summer into 3 sessions with the longest being only 8 weeks so summer classes get greatly compressed to fit into the time available which can be an added challenge.

Unless you are in a program that is really into awarding A’s, I’d say you want to be somewhere around the top 10% of your classmates in terms of science ability to try this.

I’m not sure how heavily medical school consider work schedule when making a decision and I assume this varies largely by medical school depending on how numbers obsessed they are. So I suppose take my advice with a grain of salt as I just applied myself.

The best advice I would give is email or call the professors rather than asking us.

Thanks for your feedback all. I know these decisions are very subjective, but it helps to hear advice in both directions. I think I will see how the next round of exams go and then make a decision.